Saying farewell to 2007

2007 was indeed a very memorable year. A lot has happened with in that year and I'm sure I'll never forget all the good and bad memories that I've shared with my family and friends.. it was more like of a big change for me.. It was where my family decided to move back to Manila and settle here for good. I thought it was dooms day for me and felt like the whole world crashed when I had to leave my life and friends back in Cebu.. I guess I was just scared to let go of all the good things I had back in Cebu.. but hey it turned out to be more like of a blessing. So much has changed but I know it's all part of growing up. We have to step up and start to move on if we want something to happen. I am happy where I am now though sometimes I still try to find my comfort zone which is back in Cebu to be with my other "family" heheheh but I realized I have to prioritize what's more important in my life. Family first. And now here we are celebrating Christmas and New year together.. complete again after uhhh 8 years!!! And with additionals in the family as well! :)

To my enemies/haters, I'm sorry if I've hurt you or caused you any pain, let's all move on and forgive eachother.. we've all made a mistake let's stop the drama.. it's a new year, let's call it a truce :)
To all the new people I've met last 2007, thank you for accepting me for who I am.. thank you for the new foudn friendship!
To my old friends from way back who are still around, thank you for staying true.. you know I'll always be here for all of you.. near or far guys you know you got me :)
To my family, I am so thankful to be here with you guys now. Though we all go through some tough times once in a while, I know we'll make it through coz were all together.. let's just stick together, yeah?

Cheers to a new year ahead of us! :) I love you!!!!
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I can't find the one who sang this song.. grrr! All i got is the lyrics and i can't find the singer/band/musician who sang it :(
can you help me? Help?


and i keep falling over myself when i talk to you
ive got a million things to share i just get so confused
and i keep counting nights until we get to be
together all night again and this time i want to stay
coz all the lights are brighter now for me since last time we meet
moon and the air they poison me ur the remedy

**you make me remember what its like to fall in love
the grass is greener and i cant tell which way is up
you make it happen take me anytime you please
just make it happen w/ you is where i want to be

and i keep taking my sweet time my cure is he
i better watch yourself i might just lose you
dont forget me
coz youre beautiful angel
your such a beautiful angel2x
i better step up to speak

your where i want to be be
anytime i got to sleep
i cant forget you since last time we meet
you make me so complete, you make me so complete
i know your part of me

***w/ you is where i want to be 3x...
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We're turning 2!!!!

Whoa! we're turning two next month na! Time flies so fast and I can't believe we've been puttin up shows for almost 2 yrs now. It takes two for real! Love you tweeenie! :)
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Gigigigigig! :)

one more month and I'll be home again.
Can't wait to mosh and sweat it out on gigs! whooopie! :)
and and and and get dwunk!!!!!!
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